Quicken Loans Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Quicken Loans Login:

How to Log in to Quicken Loans:

1. The first thing you need to do is find the Quicken Loans login site. This site is linked here for your convenience: https://www.myql.com/signin This may look a little outdated, but it is the right place to be for your loan account login.
2. As you can see, you need your username and password to log in. First, type your username into the top box.
3. Follwing the normal login pattern on sites like this, your next objective is to type your password into the section marked for it. The page will mask the characters you type in, so be careful. You can't see if you make mistakes until you try to sign in, so type it in slowly and carefully.
4. You can either press the enter key on your keyboard right when you have finished with your password, or you can simply click on the button that says "sign in." When this is done, you will be signed into your account successfully. You may see an error message if your username or password are not recognized. If this happens, you may want to refer to the next set of instructions to get your password reset.


How to Reset your Quicken Loans Password:

1. Stay on the myql login page from before. Click on the link below the two step login that says "can't sign in."
2. Type your email address into the first box you can see on this page. 
3. The drop down menu below should automatically be set to "I forgot my password." If it is not, select it now.
4. Click on the orange button below drop down menu that is labeled as "send email." This means that your instructions for setting up a new password with Quicken Loans will be sent to you in the email you used to register with Quciken Loans.
5. Follow the instructions in the email you will recieve. Be sure to look through all your folders including your spam before trying to get the site to send another email. It should be in your account within a few minutes. As you follow the directions, you will eventually set up a new password for yourself that should be ready to use in a manner of minutes.

Contacting Quicken Loans:

1. Call for help at:
(800) 410-2199
2. Send Email to: